waterfun 023 America’s Best Communities is a 10 Million dollar prize competition sponsored by Frontier Communications, DISH Network, Co-Bank, and The Weather Channel.  The competition aims to inspire the revitalization of small town America and harness the power of community collaboration and innovation for the greater good.

The America’s Best Communities approach to engaging small towns and cities across America through a contest is unique, as the communities involved will become a center for change through an incentive and reward structure.  In addition, the prize competition provides a framework for new rural investment by both local government and businesses.  Great communities just don’t happen, they are a result of people coming together and working toward a common goal. America’s Best Communities chtaste 44challenges small towns and communities to create master plans that will drive economic development and innovative growth.

The finalist status means Statesboro will receive $100,000.  Statesboro has always been a strong, vibrant community, and it is such a thrill for our town to earn this recognition on a national stage.  The dedicated community leaders who worked so hard to complete the America’s Best Communities application. With their determination, grit and entrepreneurial attitude, they proved that Statesboro does indeed have what it takes to be America’s Best Community. #ABC8










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Statesboro Main Street Program is a Finalist in America’s Best Communities competition

4th of July Video

Statesboro Community Video

Governor Nathan Deal

America’s Best Communities

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  • We are so proud to be a part of such an amazing community! We just heard the update that Statesboro made it all the way to the finals, receiving $1,000,000 for winning THIRD PLACE as one of America’s best communities. Well done ‘Boro!

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